Monday, June 28, 2010

Iffah is 9 today.

Bila belek2 balik my entry, baru perasan tak I didnt write much about Iffah masa dia lahir dulu, unlike iman. Aunty Mas was kind enough to write a bit about Iffah in her blog, which you can read it here & here. When I was pregnant with Iffah, I wasnt a happy soul. Maybe because the gap between Iffah and Iman tu dekat sangat. I was moody too, selalu nangis, depressed. Kesian jugak kat Iffah sebab Mama dia wasnt herself masa pregnantkan dia.

Aku still ingat the morning that aku gave birth to Iffah. I woke up at 7.30am because the bed was wet, my waterbag broke. Immediately aku kejut hubby, and terus dia hantar aku ke hospital. I forced him to stay, tak bagi balik rumah sebab masa gave birth to Iman, he came late sebab tertido kat rumah. Dr Arsyar came in and cakap I'll deliver maybe in the afternoon. I told him, from my previous experience (dengan Iman), I will definitely deliver in the morning. Dr Arsyar senyum je, tak percaya agaknya dgn apa yg aku cakap tu.

I reached Ampang Puteri at about 8am, Iffah greeted the world at 10.50am. Hah! tu la.. padan muka Dr Arsyar, orang cakap taknak percaya. Aku was kindda bengkak jugak sebab he was so busy at his clinic, bila Iffah lahir, yang sambut dia was one of the nurses on duty. Berabis duit aku je bayar mahal2. Dah la tu, kena tunggu pulak Dr Arsyar datang untuk cut her umbilical cord. Memang tobat la taknak beranak kat Ampang Puteri lagi, if aku pregnant the 3rd one.. Ermm.. bila agaknya tu :)

After 3 days balik rumah, I was admitted to Ampang Puteri again sebab I had eclampsia. My blood pressure was so high at 170/110 that aku tak dibenarkan langsung to have visitors. Masa tu yang boleh visit aku was only hubby. Iffah was in the nursery sebab senang nak susukan dia. But unfortunately, sebab duduk nursery jugak la, Iffah kena pneumonia. Mama duduk hospital seminggu, Iffah pun duduk hospital seminggu.. *sigh*..

Alhamdulillah lepas keluar hospital, Iffah sihat. She was a good baby masa pantang. But after pantang, she started to cry macam Iman. Malam je, dia akan nangis non stop. I was so tired. Iman had a bad colic until 6 mths old, and now Iffah pulak. Rasa nak menangis pun ada jugak. Ingatkan when she reached 6 month, she will stop crying. Unfortunately tak. Bila jumpa her paed (arwah Dr. Haliza), aku voiced out my concern. She did few test on Iffah and found out that Iffah was suffering from laryngomalacia, a condition which makes feeding difficult sebab the larynx is immature. I never heard about that before, tak tau pun mcm mana nak handle it. So I had to read up on it on the internet. Iffah was not a chubby baby because of that condition.

 Iffah when she was about 1 year old. Girls lain sibuk dengan dolls and teddys, dia sibuk baiki basikal and building blocks.

Kalau tengok gambar Iffah masa baby, nampak mata dia yang besar je. And yes, her eyes are so big, sampai almost tak nampak ada mata putih. Masa kecik2 dulu, people will make comment on how pretty her eyes were. Masa Iffah kecik, kalau kita orang keluar, we will always leave Iffah with Makcik Ton. Maybe sebab it was difficult to handle her. She was a grumpy baby, selalu nangis, moody. Then, K.Mei (my SIL), pointed out to us how we neglected Iffah, masa tu she was about 1 year old. I felt bad about it. Then we started to bawak dia keluar with us and she improved, from a grumpy baby, she became the sunshine of the family. Whenever she's around, you can hear laughter. I guess that's the reason why Shariff loves Iffah so much.

Takde rambut... masa ni she was 2 years old

When she was 3 years old. Masa ni Mama slim lagi. Nasib baik jugak, kalau tak, sure elephant tu sakit pinggang.. hahaha

When she was 3 years old

Comel tak rambut Iffah (at 4 years old)? Suka sangat merajuk, so yang tukang pujuknnya, kakak la.

When she was 7 years old

Raya last year, 8 years old

This picture depicts her true self as a jovial, humorous, adventurous, intelligent and selfless individual. I love you sayang..


  1. Iffah is "jovial, humorous, adventurous, intelligent and selfless" .. yeayyy right on as she is a Cancerian. Owhh.. sama cam I *blushed*

    Happy birthday Iffah .. stay jovial n humorous.

  2. lol.. I didnt know that u're a cancerian. patut la reading ur blog is fun! hehe..

  3. Shidah
    Before I tukar langsir n carpet kat Al-kisah, I put a crab logo as a letterhead but now I dah omit.
    If you notice, I use pic ketam merah as my profile pic at facebook. You tak perasan kan? Psst.. LG n hubby are both Cancerians

  4. i perasan crab banner tu. i thought u put a crab because u love to eat crabs. hehe..

    lol.. tak tau pulak LG and her hubby pun cancerian. I wished her on her bday without really taking note the date and month. bad of me. so when is ur bday? :)

  5. Salam Sizuka,

    Tumpang lalu ye... ehem, ehem...kak Som, I have to tell the world too, I'm Cancerian - jovial and humorous are my second and third names but just couldn't put it right in my blog! Hikhik! About to say, I'm a bit of a 'jiwang'!

    By the way, Sizuka, I stumbled upon your blog via LG's. My best wishes for a very Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter, albeit belated.

  6. salam lili,

    thx for visiting. tak sangka ramai pulak cancerians yang i kenal. i love cancerians, they are fun!! even my nephews and nieces love iffah the most coz she's the most fun of all. eh! mcm cite snow white pulak "the fairest of all". hehe..

    anyway, welcome and i've link ur blog to mine. thx for the wishes, nanti i will convey it to iffah :D

  7. and yes, k.min aka LG is that famous! ramai betul orang yg jumpe I thru her :D

  8., you've linked my blog here! hehe! You'd be disappointed, blog is not as interesting as yours or kak Som's! But anyway, thanks... ;-)

  9. k.lili, (sorry for not calling you kak earlier :) )

    mine is not interesting at all! i'm glued to ur blog, gonna spend the next few days reading it dari belakang ke depan :D