Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy 9th Bday to Dearest Iman

My daughter is 9. Macam tak caya je, kejap je anak aku dah masuk 9 tahun. Still ingat lagi how small she was upon birth. Now dah jadi anak dara. I love you so much sayang. Aku still ingat lagi how sad Hubby was when Dr. Haliza (yang passed away about 1 mth back) told him that Iman cuma ada 50-50 chances to survive. She was so small, frail, could barely breathe on her own, was on the ventilation machine for 4 days in ICU. And now, she's thriving, no more a baby.

Aku nak upload gambar2 masa dia baby, but will do that later coz today I'm too exhausted. Ni one of the dishes yang aku masak today.

Nasi Minyak Hujan Panas with Daging Nasi Minyak, Chicken Stick & Nenas

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