Thursday, August 27, 2009

Recipe - Sweet & Sour Kerapu with Mango

# 600g whole fish, preferably siakap
# ½ tsp salt
# A little cornflour
# Oil for deep-frying... Read More
# ½ cup shredded raw mango
# 15 bird’s eye chillies, 2 red chilies, chopped

Sauce ingredients
# 10 tbsp Thai chilli sauce (choose yg ori punya thai sauce, made in thailan)
# 3 tbsp plum sauce
# 1 tsp salt
# 2 tbp sugar
# 2-3 tbsp water
#2 tbs Thai sauce (either Maggi or Life)

Clean and scale the fish. Cut two deep slits on
each side of the body and lightly season with salt and sprinkle with some cornflour.

Heat oil in a wok until hot. Fry the fish until crispy and golden brown. Remove and drain from
oil and place fish on a serving platter.

Reheat wok with a little oil. Add sauce ingredients and bring to a brief boil.

Pour sauce over the fish and garnish with shredded mango and chillies. Serve immediately.

I omit onion coz I dont like the taste. I've made few changes to the original recipe @

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