Friday, August 12, 2011

Tag by Citra

I'm honoured when Citra dropped by and told me that I've been tagged. I've always love Citra's blog because of the simple and yummylicious dish that she featured. It's fool proof too! And through Citra, I found Pide! Been in love with Pide ever since :)

Here goes.. I copy this from Citra's..

This tag is all about your own stuff. I think it's a great idea to highlight some long forgotten posts or some lonely, neglected, uncommented recipe ... especially during one's early days of blogging. I'm happy to be tagged by Citra to take part in this 7 - Link Challenge. That's 7 of your own posts in relation to the categories and then to nominate 5 victims bloggers to join in. No extra cooking or baking required. (I'll tag my food blogger friends). 

2 simple rules:
1) publish links for the categories below (1 link per category)
2) nominate up to 5 bloggers to take part.
     K.Nor of Secubit Garam
     Ju of Junotdbaker
     K.Min of Salam2benua
     Zarin of periukbelangazarin
     Rina of cintarina
Here are my links:
1. The most beautiful post:

Wow! This is hard.. Let me think..  It will be the Kek Batik Jawa. The memory of one of the earliest cooking classes that I attended with mok. Dulu, masa aku still kat PPP/ITM, mok selalu pegi kelas memasak. And aku la yang jadi mangsa kena temankan dia. Mok tulis in classic melayu rumi. Maka, aku la yang jadi tukang dengar, tukang tulis, tukang explain to mok. And because of those cooking classes too, aku jadi hook on cooking. Thank you mok. I heart you. 

2. The most popular post :

With almost 20,000 hit from, I'd say Buttermilk Pancake post is the most popular post. And it's a hit with the girls too. They love this pancake and their classmates adore it. Siap berebut among them bila bawak pegi sekolah.

3. The most controversial post. 

Why is  Lompat Tikam post so controversial? Actually, takde la controversial sangat. Cuma it's more of sakit hati when someone made a comment about the possibility that aku bagi recipe salah sebab taknak orang buat lompat tikam menjadi. I was like... WT... you can read it here

4. The most helpful post

I'd say, this Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread Step by Step is the most helpful. I actually took the time to take photos with the help of Iffah because many bloggers thought I weaved the bread to make it look like that. It's a beautiful bread :)

5. The post that was suprisingly successful

Alamak!! What post?? Haiyo! Wait! Lemme think.. It has to be the Upside Down Pizza. I wasnt planning on baking that day. But Ju made a suggestion for me to bake this pizza. It took me 15 minutes to prepare this and voila! It was ready in less than 1 hour. Suprisingly, it's also in the top 10 post. LOL.. 

6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved

I made this Banana Cake many many times over the years. I did post the photo aeons ago but of course it didnt get any attention it deserved. I'm telling you, the recipe is a keeper. Once you taste the banana cake, you wouldnt want any other banana cake. Tak caya? Cuba la buat :P

7. The post that I'm most proud of

It's beautiful, it's breathtaking and it's perfect!! Iman and Iffah were very excited with the cake. I was estatic with the result too. It's one of the most talked about cake in the bloggersphere, The Rainbow Cake.


  1. Thanks Shidah for the tag. But I tak buat lagi your old tag, now I have 2 from you :-). But I think this is a wonderful tag because like you said, memang bagus occasionally go through old entries kan. I definitely love the look of your rainbow cake itu!

  2. shidah... wahhh pagi2 sudah kena tag ka... banyak fenin nak buat tag ni hehhe.. apa pun tq sbb ingat kat k.nor utk dijadikan victim dlm tag ni.. hehe.. insyaallah k.nor buat ya.. kena bagi masa sket nak gali2 post yg menepati kehendak tag tu .. thanks :)

  3. K.min,

    Tu la.. merajuk la camni! dah 2 tag yg k.min peram :P

    I like this tag, sebab it's food related. hehe.. asal food je, mesti I suka. But this tag needs to do a lot of digging. Berpeluh jugak ketiak I nak siapkan tag ni :)

    ps : my friend cakap, if there's such a thing as a happy cake, it will be the rainbow cake :)

  4. k.nor,

    sorry k.nor, pepagi dah tag k.nor. actually saya tag k.nor last nite, memalam buta. :D

    this tag memang definitely takes time complete. take ur time k.nor. tak sabar nak baca the entry. :)

  5. waaa ada tag lagi...harus tak tidur lagi lah aku nampaknya haha..anyway, ouchh!!! i didnt know ada org bole buat such comment...kalau tak kenal mungkinglah..but ni memang jenis selalu dtg rmh...

    yes i totally agree with you, all the recipes yg i post kat blog semua dah buat try and error dulu...and so far recipe yg u bagi pun semuanya menjadi...esp d pull aprt bread tu one of my hot seller products..can't thank you enough!

  6. erkkk susahnya hahaha...alasan orang malas macam i ni :D
    nanti bila i rajin i buat ye...ouchhh bila la nak rajin tu? now ni malas memanjang ajek i ni

  7. Shidah
    I think that is one difficult tag you've just completed! BTW, I masih berhutang a tag kat you...oooooops... lari..CS

  8. Rina,

    *sigh*.. different people ada different mindset. What can I say. I seriously tak paham dengan orang yang macam tu. How can you call someone like that a friend.

    I'm glad that ada recipe yg u tried, tested and successful. Alhamdulillah :)

  9. zarin,

    you harus merajinkan diri for this tag tau! nak i bagi jin rajin sikit kat u? :D

  10. CS,

    haaaaa... gotcha! rupanya hutang tag dgn i tak berbayar lagi ye. nak kena piap ni :P

  11. i pun budak ppp :) pernah ke kita berselisih bahu? tahun berapa course apa?:)

  12. alamak kak. pestaim kena tag ni. terharunya!!! hehe.. thank you kak!! tapi susahnya nak buat! hahaha... nway, mmg kena simpan dulu.. alasan: time consraint :p.. i can barely get my hands on the lappy kalau kat rumah.. kat opis lak ada xtra workload lani.. huhuhu..

  13. I'm happy U can join this tag dear... and why those poor banana cake tak dapat more attention ...:( in fact I'd like to try that recipe sometime.. already bookmarked it :)
    happy blogging!

  14. Erma,

    Most probably tak berselisih bahu sebab i was in section 2. you were in section 17 kan? :D

  15. Citra,

    hahaha.. beats me! I pun tak tau kenapa that banana cake tak dapat attention yang sepatutnya. poor banana cake :D

    ps : i love this tag a lot :D

  16. ju,

    I tak sabar nak baca ur tag entry. there's always the first time to everything :D