Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm feeling blue.. I'm missing my other half so much. No mood to blog, no mood to read emails, no mood to berfacebook.

Is it possible that when u love someone so much that u can experience a telepathic connection with that person? Have any of u experience that before? I read somewhere, u can only have that connection to people that u have very strong emotional and spiritual connection.

Tiba2 je teringat my x-bf. Dulu aku selalu terima call yang buatkan aku termenung. Why? Because, dia boleh relate kat aku apa yg aku buat the day before without actually asking me. I thought dia pasang spy or something. Then there was this one time, masa tu aku kat US, visiting a friend. He called, then cakap kat aku, that he had a dream, in his dream dia mimpi aku pegang crossbow warna hijau, ada celoreng mcm baju askar, siap describe lagi beli kat mana. Kebetulan masa tu, memang aku ada simpan crossbow mcm yg dia describe tu dalam bag aku. That crossbow was for my dad. Dia mcm boleh tau aku keluar dgn sapa, buat apa, or even pakai baju apa dan mcm2 lagi... Aku ingatkan dia gila...

Apparently not. Now I'm experiencing the same too, with my hubby. Am I crazy? It's like aku ada this strange connection with my hubby that aku takleh nak describe... I'm a crazy :)

I'm cooking Ayam Bumbu. Later will upload the pic :)

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