Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kayuh Basikal

It's sad that at the age of 9 (Iman) and 8 (iffah), they still can't ride basikal dua roda until this afternoon. I know I'm such a bad mom. All this while, they were riding bikes with training wheels. I tried teaching Iman before, but somehow, Iman takut. So I never tried again until today.

Since budak2 ni takde basikal yg suitable for their age, terpaksa la Hubby adjusted saddle basikal dia org masa they were abt 3 yrs old. Hehe.. dont fret, basikal tu actually besar jugak. I was able to ride on that bike, demonstrating my riding skill to my kids and they were laughing like hell... zzz.. they said Mama looks so funny riding a small bike. Yeah! I know, nampak lemak2 dari sisi, bila kena duduk atas saddle yg kecik. Sakit bontot bila bangun dari saddle tu. I need an extra padded saddle for my big butt!

Iffah naik sekali je, terus dah boleh paddle the bike, but Iman needed more time to practise. As of now, Iman still not successful with her attempts. Kesian Iman, maybe she needs Abah to help her. Abah is always patient with her, Mama as usual, Singa Betina.. hehe.

Tiba2, teringat pulak masa Iman and Iffah still kecik. We bought Iman her bike when she was abt 3 1/2, Iffah's when she was 2 1/2. Iffah pandai kayuh basikal dulu dari Kakak. So Kakak was very sad abt it. Today pun sama, Iffah dah ok, iman still takleh lagi. Kesiannya anak Mama.. Tunggu Abah balik la ye sayang.

Liza and Eddie (Hubby's frens) came over for lunch. Since today mcm malas nak masak, so I cooked Bulgogi, Potato Salad and Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll again. Nora and As came a bit later. Nora bagi her homemade Sardine Roll. Thank you Nora! Susah payah engkau drive from Ampang semata2 nak hantar Sardine Roll tu.

Dalam one of my posting, aku dah bagi recipe apa yg patut ada dalam vietnamese rice paper roll. Today just ambik gambar je. :)

Red, Green, Yellow Capsicum, Bwg Besar, Tomato, Canned Pineapple

Sliced Mutton yg dah digrill

Sango Pear & Gong Pear

Lemon, Limau Kasturi, Fish Sauce, Cili Padi, Crushed garlicsSoba

Bulgogi again.

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