Saturday, January 17, 2009


Since kecik, my kids are very fond of sushi dan yg sewaktu dengannya. Yang paling dia org suka, Onigiri. Masa tu we went to Japan, visiting my brother, Harun. We went there for 3 weeks. Bila keluar, ration yg selalu ada dalam bag were roti and onigiri. Onigiri ni ada mcm2 fillings and flavours.

Yesterday for their lunch, I prepared this, I used imitation crab meat and cucumber.

Vinegar & Mayo that I use

Siap ada instruction kat bawah packaging, cara2 nak bukak the wrapper.

The kids love tuna mayo filling. Balik M'sia, asyik nak Onigiri, but mana nak cari. So everytime their uncle balik cuti, kirim la berpuluh2 onigiri, pastu sumbat peti. Now that their uncle dah balik M'sia, kim salam ler nak makan onigiri. Even Isetan pun takde jual.

Here's a few I checked out recently.

Chikin Raisu

Chicken Rice: Pretty much Mexican rice with little bits of chicken in it. Another store has these with an egg crepe rapped around them which makes them a little less messy on your fingers.

Yaki Onigiri

Slighty grilled around the edges, Onigiri. This is a pretty basic kind of onigiri your mom might make though it's not that common at the combini.

Ebi Chiri Chaahan

Shrimp in chili sauce and fried rice. YUMMY!!!! This is one of my favorites.

Ume Chirimen

Plum Crepe? Actually I'm not sure what this is. I know that Ume is a plum and used in cooking it's usually pickled so it's really really sour. You use very little bits of one to flavor the food.


breaded fried shrimp temakizushi style. Temakizushi means hand roll. I used to prefer handrolls when I first got here. The reason is there is more stuffing per bite vs. the other shapes but unfortunately there are not nearly as many varieties of handrolls at most stores.

Toriyaki Sooseeji

Ham sausage and nori with mayo underneath. This is a good one two. In Hawaii you can get something similar except using Spam instead and with no mayo. I like this one better personally, especially warmed.

Ebi Mayoneezu

Shrimp and mayo. Think seafood salad. This is always a good one. I guess I just like mayo.


I'm assuming that's what this is. It's not listed in any of my dictionaries using that kanji but guessing that would make it mustard leaves which seems about right. It's got little bits of green things like pickles mixed in.

It says they are Shaki-shaki which means crispy.

Katsukaree pirafu

Breaded pork in curry sauce pilaf. Yes!

Shio Karubi

Salt Karubi. Karubi is a Korean style of making beef. It's marinated and then grilled. Good stuff.

Shiichikin Mayoneezu

Sea Chicken and Mayo or in other words tuna salad. This is a pretty basic one now a days and it's always good.

Shake Mentaiko

Shake is Salmon. Mentaiko is some kind of very small fish eggs that are rather spicy. I don't know if they are naturally spicy or if they are prepared that way but they are pretty good. It's common to use them in a cream sauce with pasta too.

Saamon Mayoneezu

Salmon and mayo. If you haven't noticed by now the Japanese like mayo. That's just fine with me.

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