Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not a good day!

I woke up at 7.00am today. I had to literally pulled myself out of bed. Argh! malasnya nak bangun, kejut the kids to KAFA. Pastu tiba2 aku teringat! Eh! hari ni 18th June, Iman's follow up check up with her specialist kat Hospital Selayang. Argh!! lagi aku tension, just thinking about how many hours I'll have to waste today. Well! true enough! I went there at 8.30am, registered, took a number, it was 0039. I was quite happy, thinking that maybe, just this once, I wont have to wait THAT long. But sadly, I was delusional. The clinic started at 10am, our number was called at 2.30pm!! I was like.. what the tut tut! (I cant swear, I hate it when people swear, so I wont start.. hehe)

There goes 1/2 of my day, wasted on waiting. I dont mind waiting in a queue to pay for whatever I was buying during sale, but I do mind waiting in endlessly in queue at government hospital. Seriously, kalau aku ni sakit jantung, mau lama dah mati keras kat kerusi menunggu tu. Tak tau la berapa tong air aku dah minum while waiting for our number to be called. Aku yang dah bertahun2 tak beli comic Ujang pun, boleh terbeli comic tu sebab dah kebosanan tahap gaban. I brought along a book, so aku memang takde masalah melayan kebosanan menunggu tu, but kesian kat Iman. I forgot to bring a book for her.

Anyway, enuff of my rambling, since today tak masak apa2 special, maka aku akan upload gambar puri yang aku buat last week. Ops! tomorrow I'm going back to Terengganu for the weekend, maka blog ini akan berabuk buat beberapa hari.

Puri with sambal ikan bilis

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