Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour

Tepat pukul 8.25pm, Iffah started the 5 minutes countdown. Iman went searching for candles, Mama sibuk ambik gambar her Chocolate Bottom Banana Square or kalau dialih bahasa berbunyi Coklat Bontot Pisang Bersegi.. hahahha.. Alamak! buruknya bunyi.. Sorry girls... Saje merapu dikala bilik gelap gelita, rumah pun gelap gelita, cuma ditemani oleh cahaya lilin. Earth hour in our house is being celebrated by only 1 girl, Iman. Iffah busy main game on laptop, another 1/2 hour to go before Earth Hour ends.

Sorry kakak.. Tonite mama is extra tired, and I dont feel like joining the earth hour. Next year la ye..

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