Friday, March 25, 2011

What's BB Cream?


What is BB Cream?

BB Cream stands for 'Blemish Balm' and originated from nourishing cream used for treating burnt skin or sensitive skin type. BB Cream was first used by Korean after they receive facial treatments. It has healing properties and also protect their skin from the harmful sun and environmnet.  Missha has taken benefits of Blemish Balm and turned it into a multi functional must have item!

Difference between BB Cream & Foundation

BB Cream have numerous skincare properties combined in just ONE PRODUCT
UV portection + Anti-Wrinkle + Wrinkle Improvement + Whitening + Moisturising + Skin regeneration + Control
In addition, they can also conceal pigmentation or discolourations such as acne makes, freckles and dark eye circle. However it is much lighter than foundation and simpler applying method than foundation. BB Cream also provide wonderful coverage without clogging pores. 

BB Cream greatly simplified our tedious makeup process. Futhermore, we no longer have to worry about wearing foundation for long hours fearing what harmful effects foundation brings to our skin. With prolonged usage, BB Cream can even improve our skin texture.

BB Boomer : BB Primer that makes your skin ready to absorb BB Cream
M Perfect Cover BB Cream (Shade 13/21/23/31): 4 in 1 BB Cream
Missha Dual Foundation and concealer Brush: Convenient brush that has councealer brush and foundation brush together


  1. I am also into BB cream, so much easier and save my time then applying serum, cream, sunblock and then powder.

    BB cream is awesome, bought from Sasa and a Korean brand.

  2. Nava, u should try missha's bb cream. so far, it's the best selling in korea :D