Thursday, March 3, 2011

Nila's & Aude's Birthday Celebration!

Hubby was invited to attend his friend's wife' and daughter's birthday party on Saturday. Actually, hubby takmau pegi sebab dah tau, kalau pegi sah2 makan banyak punya. Dah ler saturday is not our free day. But I told hubby, Panjang is one of his best friend, kalau tak pegi nanti, kecik hati panjang.

The birthday party was at 8pm, but kita orang keluar rumah lambat sikit, lepas maghrib. We arrived at The Lodge at 8.15pm. Ingatkan dah lambat, rupanya hubby's friend, Panjang, lagi lambat. It took quite a while before the party started. Ramai guests yang tak tau kat mana The Lodge tu. Aku pun blur. If I had known that it's near the old St Mary's school, then aku sah2 takde masalah nak mencari. Nasib baik sesat tak lama. From our house, it took us about 15 minit je pun utk sampai kat situ.

My mistake that nite was, I forgot to bring my camera. So, gambar Nila and Aude ni adalah from Nila's facebook. Sorry ye Nila, I totally forgotten to bring my camera. We went home at almost 11pm. Iman and Iffah dapat teddy bear cake, but I asked Iffah to give her teddy bear cake to Suhaimi (hubby's friend). Suhaimi ada 2 year old son, and I'm pretty sure his son was delighted dapat the teddy bear cake from the kind hearted k.iffah. Iman awal2 dah makan her teddy bear cake.

Panjang & Nila, thank you so much for the sumptuous Thai cuisine malam tu. The seafood tomyam was excellent, I love the chicken, hate the butter prawn though coz it's too salty, loved the tofu a lot and definitely loved the pulut kuning and rendang made by Panjang's sister.

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