Friday, March 18, 2011

Shopping Spree on Again!

People might think that I'm crazy. I think I am too.. hehe.. Semalam I did some shopping on Eh! bukan some sebenarnya, but a lot! For the past few days, aku dok spend on looking for items that I need, and some I dont really need, but because the urge to purchase was very strong, maka aku jadikan "that is what I need too".

The next shipment sebenarnya lambat lagi, in May. Tapi sebab aku nak balik kampung this school hols (macam la aku balik kampung 2 bulan), maka I did my shopping yesterday. Today pun ada lagi barang nak beli, but I need to make payment to the credit card dulu. It's easier that way, in order not to overspend. Use only money that you have to shop, never use credit money. Chewah! macam real je aku ni.. hahahha

SO, what did I buy yesterday? Jap jap.. aku tempek list. Tak jadi tempek list coz this post was written few days ago. Atfan just emailed the photo of my amazon stuffs


  1. Hello Sizuka, wow! Those kotaks looks big! Daan ada kasut, handbags, baju?
    So, you smoked your credit cards? Ha ha. Tapa la, nothing like enjoying yourself, helps to relief stress too, kan?
    Boleh order BMW? Ha ha.
    You have fun, bila da buka kotak let me know.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Hi Uncle Lee,

    Long time no see! hehe.. Lol.. really miss you.

    Suprisingly, none of those boxes contained shoes, handbags and clothes. Guess what's in the boxes? Corelle, corelle and more corelle.. hahaha... crazy me rite? :D