Monday, March 28, 2011

Missha M BB Boomer

 BB Boomer (40ml) - RM56.90

BB Primer which boosts the adherence and duration of BB Cream
and makes your skin look brighter with its pink pearl powder when
applied before BB Cream.

Whitening + Wrinkle repairing

Moringa Oil: moisture, Detoxifying and anti-pollution effects
Patent ingredient, Mannan and Olive ingredients : they create moisture shield and help to moisture on the skin, leaving it moisturized after makeup.
- Adenosine and Arbutin: it improves skin tone and fine lines.

- Before applying BB Cream, apply an appropriate amount evenly
over the face. Pat lightly until fully absorbed.

Can be used as a primer before foundation to give moisturized look ,and help to adhere face make-up


  1. seems like a great product but am using BB Cream from another brand, plenty of BB cream now available until you don't know which one to buy sometimes.

  2. Nava,

    normally, before I buy any product, I'll read reviews on the net 1st. Some people, love to write reviews on beauty products. From there, then only I'll buy the product. If you google Missha BB Cream, u'll find raving reviews on the products compared to BB cream from others :)

  3. hi Where can i get this in kl?