Monday, January 19, 2009

Body Odour

Where do I start ??

Tadi I arrived at my work place a bit early, about 4.20pm. Masa tu Ju Hee, my student was there alone, watching movie in the computer room. Then tiba2, bau perfume yg tersgt la kuat and busuknya menusuk hidung. OMG!! bau tu stay from friday until today?? Lama giler!!.

Ever since the new teacher, Mr. F (No no.. It doesnt stand for F**ker) datang mengajar kat situ, the whole place smell like him.. huwaaa... it's soooo busuk. The kind of smell that makes u wanna hold ur breath sampai muka jadi hijau. I can't stand the smell!!!!! Argh!!! How to tell him??? One of my student did cakap kat dia that she cant stand his BO. Guess what he did?? He sniffed his right armpit, then left armpit, pastu pusing kat student tu, cakap takde apa2 pun. Ada jugak cikgu mcm tu.

Teringat pasal another teacher, Mr. J. Lepas dia quit mengajar last year, the students dok bercerita abt his behaviour dalam kelas. Normally dia akan scratch his chest, pastu sniff his fingers, then scratch his armpit, then sniff again. I was like.. WHAT THE ...!!! Dia boleh buat mcm tu depan students.. zzz.. Sometimes he will scratch his crotch, pastu sniff lagi.. zzzz... Rasa mcm nak pengsan dengar. And dia akan burp (belch) depan students. Kalau kebetulan dia makan something yg bau kuat, maka satu kelas la berbau... Tension budak2 tu.

I know, it's bad to talk abt other ppl. But today, memang takleh tahan. Selalunya, 99% of the time, I'd avoid talking bad abt ppl. Hari ni dah tahap tak tahan lagi dah... *sigh*.. sorry..

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