Wednesday, January 14, 2009


How would you feel when ur Hubby said this to you. Tu aku ambik in a forum yg my Hubby joined, he was talking about one of the many conversation that we had before. I hate him joining that forum for some reason. (Dear Hubby, if u read this, sorry for making this available for all to read. And PLEASE LEAVE that damn forum)

Baby, I love you so much. I couldn't ask for a better wife. I can spend my time around you without even talking, I can be in comfortable silence with you. My family loves you even without you trying, coz you're built like that, a genuine nice person. Kalau kita gaduh, my own family would blame me first, they would think that I fuck up, opps screw up.

Baby, it is impossible for me to move my love somewhere else, distribute maybe And kalau I nak ada scandal, no women would want me.(Ngam ngam keta kat red light, I turned to her, felt so much love for her, looked her in the eyes and said : Baby, you are my Siti khadijah, I dont know what to do kalau you takde, you grow on me by the day, if I am fated to survive you, I would be devastated, and should you fell for someone else, should you want your ex back since we bump into him almost every week, just tell me, and I would let you follow your heart.

I love you like I've never known love before, and I know I dont deserve you, and I know you deserve better, and I hope God would give me the opportunity to give you happiness, in the truest sense, be it materially or emotionally or divinely. (Time ni, aku pulak mari sebak).

Jiwangnya Hubby aku ni. He's a sweet talker, that's why bila aku dengar dia cakap, boleh cair. Happy B'day Dear Hubby, and I Love you too, with all my heart. Am I perfect? No, far from it. But I found my other half in him. Oh ya, I do bump into my x-bf almost everyday at school. It's so happen that iffah and his daughter are in the same class.. haru

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