Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homemaker shocked over ‘fake eggs’ find

Homemaker shocked over ‘fake eggs’ find

GEORGE TOWN: A woman who bought a tray of eggs in Pulau Tikus had a shock when she found them to be “fake eggs”.
Consumers Association of Penang president S.M. Mohamed Idris said the housewife had brought the eggs to his office after finding something fishy when she tried to cook them.
“She told us that the eggs did not smell like real eggs and were tasteless. It was also of unusual shapes and larger than real eggs.
Unidentical twins: The fake egg (left) is different in shape and colour from the genuine egg
“The fake egg also had a rougher surface than the genuine one.
“When cracked, there was no sign of chalaza, the structure inside the egg that keeps the yolk in place.
“The fake egg white and yolk quickly mixed together, unlike that of real eggs,” Idris said.
The fake egg yolk (left) is more yellowish than that of a normal egg.

He said after boiling the egg and cutting it open, the egg yolk appeared to be more “yellowish” than that of a normal egg.
Idris said an e-mail widely circulated among the public in Penang had claimed that fake eggs which were common in China, were full of chemicals and sold at lower prices.
Idris also said it would be very hard to tell the difference between fake eggs and genuine ones as both looked almost identical.
“Try to look out for the weird shapes,” he said, adding that his staff members had bought more eggs from the shop frequented by the woman and found them to be “fake”.
A tray of 30 real eggs costs around RM10.50. The fake eggs cost RM11.
Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism enforcement chief M. Guna Selan said his office had not received any such complaint.

Lepas ni, kalau nak beli telur, kena betul2 make sure that telur tu telur asli, bukan telur palsu. I make it a point of buying eggs only from supermarket such as Jusco or hypermarkets yg besar2 mcm Tesco, Carrefour.


  1. uikss telur pun boleh fake ke..dasat betul manusia yang nak untung without responsibility.. tak terjangkau dek pikiran cemana nak fake kan telur ayam.. cam akak, saya pun slalu melanguk cari telur kat jasco au2.. hehe..

  2. Shidah,
    I dah Google about this fake egg stuff and they find the story to be a hoax. It's been circulating since 2007 starting from emails.

  3. izah,

    that's what i read dalam thestar online. i pulak memang tak beli telur dari kedai runcit or pasar sebab geli, takut telur dah lama, bila pecahkan, putih dah cair.

  4. K.Min,

    ye ke? but it's on according to the article, kementerian hal ehwal pengguna seized byk telur palsu tu kat Pulau Tikus, Penang.

  5. Maybe delayed April fool's joke ke? hehehe. But if we think about it kan, the China people selalunya will try to make things that will reduce their cost mcm letak those things in susu. but from what I read, it costs more to make this 'fake eggs' than the real eggs so why do they make it?
    Tu yg I rasa mcm suss aje. And it is not easy to make shells I think...

  6. K.Min,

    I think so too.. sebabnya yg dirampas tu cuma 270 bijik telur. dah ler telur tu lagi mahal dari telur ayam biasa. macam tak logic je kalau buat fake eggs, pastu jual lagi mahal :)

  7. Shidah,
    Erk! Kalo Shidah tak cakap the left one tu telur tiruan, saya pon takkan tau sebab sekali imbas sama je rupa dengan telur asli. Bila baca explanation and belek betul-betul, baru nampak. Isk.. bahaya sungguh ek. Bahan chemicals amende la yang derang bubuh tu. Haish!

  8. hmm apa nak jadila mesia ni jom kita bela ayam sendiri they all bertelur leh lah kita makan :)

  9. Salam kunjungan, jgn lupa melawat blog saya

  10. Aida,

    sama la kita. I takleh nak beza which telur asli, mana telur palsu. i dont understand pesal they need to buat telur palsu padahal harga lagi mahal dari telur betul.

  11. Ermayum,

    cadangan yg baik tu. jom sama2 bela ayam pastu neighbour sure complain sebab bising and busuk.. hehe