Saturday, May 16, 2009

An early morning phone call

An early morning phone call jolted me out of my deep slumber. Mula2 macam malas nak angkat, pastu pikir, must be urgent. True enough, it was urgent. Iffah was having high fever. The call was from Mok (emak for orang terengganu). Iffah tido rumah nenek last nite coz Hubby slept over at the hospital with me and Iman. Iffah has been having fever on and off for the past 2 weeks, pastu tiba2 pagi tadi demam panas pulak. Aduh! dugaan sungguh.

Hubby pun demam panas jugak. Tu yang aku suruh dia tido spital dengan aku. Most probably he'll get himself warded coz he's having difficulty breathing. He's asthmatic too, like Iman. But his problem is that, eventho he's asthmatic, he happens to be a chain smoker too. *sigh*... susah tu nak suruh dia berenti rokok.

This is how I feel right now, tired, melancholy, emotionally drained etc etc... A pretty hectic week for me, with kids not well, Hubby joining the wagon... Am I complaining too much? hehe. Cant wait for the much awaited 5I gathering next week.


  1. Dear Shidah,

    Hope everyone will get better soon. Jangan ko pulak kong, sudah...hehehe. Do take care...

  2. hope not. dah ler laki aku pun sakit. iffah pulak admitted today... sigh