Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Iman down with fever

I'm exhausted... Iman hasnt been feeling very well since the journey down south with Baba and Nenek. Last nite she was shivering due to extremely high fever, above 40 degree. We had to bring the fever down by sponging her body. Pagi tadi I told Hubby that, we need to bring Iman to hospital because I dont think I'll be able to manage her fever. True enough, lepas kena admit, dah 3 kali kena masuk voltaren coz her fever has decided to revisit her many times today. Since afternoon, dah 3 kali her fever peaked above 40 degree.

Last was masa mak aku datang visit. Iman was shivering badly , her body turned blue because of the coldness that she was experiencing. But her body was scorching hot. I was so scared. How to manage that? Any advise? The nurses here asked me to cover her with thick blankets, then put hot water bottle underneath the blankets and let her feel warm 1st before removing the blankets and sponge her body. It took more than 1/2 hour of constantly rubbing her hands and legs for the shiver to go away.

I badly need some sleep..