Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Sick Wagon

First, it was Iman.

Then, yesterday, Iffah joined Iman here.

Abah follow suit few hours later.

And Mama is so tired.. been staying at the hospital for more than 5 days dah. I need to go shopping therapy. Hopefully by monday semua dah boleh keluar hospital. Mama nak pegi Sogo sale and Jusco One Utama Member's Day Sale.

Rasa tak sabar nak gi sale.. hehe.. I'm not a shopoholic, but this time, I just need a break. As of tomorrow, aku dah boleh bergelar home minister sepenuh masa. Yippy! I'm so happy. Boleh duduk rumah and berfacebook 24 hours a day. Hahaha.. Kalau Hubby tau niat aku ni, mau mengamuk dia.


  1. Wow you definitely deserve a good big break..the shopping, the facebooking and all that time at home ..bestnye!Enjoy !

  2. yay! hehe.. mel, share with me sarawakian recipes. i mcm nak try masak laksa sarawak, but i dont like tiru recipe dalam magazine or cook book.